Exception thrown during paint()

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Exception thrown during paint()

Separovic, Jason



Just as I was putting this email together I solved on my own problem. I should have gone straight to the source as this was the best way to figure out what was going on.


So this message is now more of an enhancement request as the following exception message would have saved me debug time:



Line 86 org.apache.pivot.json.JSON.java

throw new IllegalArgumentException("Getter Method for Bean Property \"" + key + "\" not found in \"" + root.getClass().getName() + "\"");


Exception thrown during paint(): java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Getter Method for Bean Property "id" not found in "au.com.uecomm.fulfillment.psf.model.Transaction"



Line 86 currently looks like:

throw new IllegalArgumentException("Property \"" + key + "\" not found.");


Exception thrown during paint(): java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Property "id" not found.







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Re: Exception thrown during paint()

Roger and Beth Whitcomb
Hi Jason,
     Thank you for the "heads up".  I can make this change, but can you
write up a JIRA issue (enhancement request), possibly... It helps to
keep track of changes we make.

Thank you!
~Roger Whitcomb