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Greg Brown

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From: Joe Schaefer <[hidden email]>
Date: May 18, 2010 12:29:38 PM EDT
To: Greg Brown <[hidden email]>, Infrastructure Apache <[hidden email]>
Subject: Re: Mail archives hosed?

The latest FF release tightened up it's xml parser and causes
our javascript to puke as a result.  It's related to the fact
that the charsets for authors and subjects are an ungodly mess;
I doubt there's anything infra can do about it other than to
pray someone who likes hacking on mod_mbox is born soon and able
to write code to fix this before their 10th birthday.

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From: Greg Brown <[hidden email]>
To: Infrastructure Apache <[hidden email]>
Sent: Tue, May 18, 2010 12:18:40 PM
Subject: Mail archives hosed?

Apologies if someone has already mentioned this. A user on the Pivot list
noticed that, with the exception of February, the mail archives for this year
are not rendering in FF correctly (they appear to be empty). Works fine in IE
and Safari, though.

I confirmed this in FF 3.6/Mac for the Pivot lists
as well as a couple of other projects. Any ideas?