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Roger Whitcomb-2

Hi David,

                Well, I wish there was *one* place to get it.  I end up using the Javadoc (from here for the current version), and the Component Explorer demo with which you can play around with values.

                The general meaning of “-1” and “1*” (specifically in a TablePane) is this:  “-1” means use the “natural” size of the children, so the parent sizes itself to the max size of the children.  A value with “*” after it means it is part of “relative” sizing.  How that works is this:  take all the “-1” and “nn” values and compute them, then subtract that total from the available space.  Then add up the total of all the relative values and distribute each of the according to the ratio of each “*” value relative to the total of all the relative values.  So, if there were 5 columns sized “-1”, “20”, “1*”, “2*”, and “3*”, they each would get sized to: 

1)      The max size of the children in column one.

2)      An absolute value of 20 pixels for column two.

3)      1 / (1 + 2 + 3) = 1/6 of the remaining space for column three.

4)      2/6 = 1/3 of the space for column four.

5)      3/6 = ½ of the space for column five.

So, specifically if you have one column (or one row) sized as “1*” it would take all the available space (1 / 1 = 100%).


                Thank you for using Pivot (in spite of shortcomings in the doc)!  I am going to cross-post to the Users list for other’s information too.  Please feel free to ask and/or make suggestions for improvements.  So, what would you have in mind for this “Actual” reference?  Keep in mind that we probably would need to automatically generate it in order to keep it in sync with ongoing changes ….





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Hi All,


I'm new to Pivot and I was hoping someone could pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaase  (with sugar on top) :)  point me to an <em>Actual</em> reference to maybe a list of all style key/values per object - mmm maybe what the heck "-1" and "1*" mean in a layout?


You know, stuff that people just starting out with their telepathy powers might have trouble figuring out? :P


Website gives examples with limited source (sometimes) but no definitive reference?


Thank you, and again sorry for bothering the dev peeps….